After School Program

We are blessed to have an after school program in the community that we affectionately call "La Escuelita". All students in our scholarship program attend our after school program where they receive tutoring support, supplementary lessons, and homework assistance. Students can also receive any school supplies needed and use the computer lab for research and learning. 

After beginning the scholarship program, we quickly realized students needed additional support to achieve academic success. Students often don't have a desk at home or a quiet place to study and complete homework. Our students needed a safe place to go after school where they have access to supplies and additional support. Our dedicated staff creates supplemental lessons to teach at our after school program, targeting areas in which our students are struggling. Students are also given space, supplies, and time to complete homework, ask questions, and work together to learn from each other. Since implementing the after school program, we have seen tremendous improvement in students' grades and matriculation. 

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